ART Exhibition at Radio City

Exhibition in collaboration with ESAT

The students of the ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología) presented an art exhibition in Radio City during the period between March 30 and April 21.

This exhibition, created as a result of the research carried out to outline the promotional image of the 21st edition of the International Short Film Festival of Radio City, is a unique opportunity to enjoy the talent of these young artists and observe from a closer look the development of their creative process.

Art exhibition of Miguel Fuster

The art exhibition is available from its opening on 21 April until the end of May.


The International Festival of short films Radio City (FICRC) in the framework of its 21st edition aims to strengthen the modality of Experimental Cinema / Live Cinema/ Audiovisual Performance, collaborating with the UPV by programming the production of an audiovisual performance between these artists and the consolidation of the Experimental Cinema and Live Cinema sections, which has the participation of works of the students of the UPV of the subjects of Video Art and Programming for multimedia art among others, the degree of Fine Arts and the Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia.


Support the International Festival of Short Films Radio City (FICRC) as a firm proposal to promote local, national and international culture in the audiovisual field, strengthening the audiovisual areas most linked to research.

Actively support youth by offering a place for meeting, dialogue and exchange of knowledge, such as the FICRC, making it possible to present many university subjects in a real environment.

Establish connections between the teaching staff of the UPV and artists and organizers of established cultural projects such as the FICRC, collaborating in organizational tasks and forming part of the jury.


May 5th in Radio City

The Universidad Politécnica of València, in collaboration with the Radio City Valencia International Short Film Festival, is committed to innovation and more experimental creation.

An event that will be held on May 5 in the mythical room of the Velluters neighborhood of Valencia at 18:30 h.


Exhibition of the Selection of Artistic Practices of the Subject Video creation of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia

From the Faculty of Fine of Valencia, we motivate the students/s to the realization of artistic practices with movement image from an experimental point of view. In the XXI International Festival of short films Radio City we will be able to see a representation of the most outstanding works of this year 2023, where current topics are raised that are treated in an innovative way and offer us a current vision, free and committed young artists.

Coordinated by Trinidad Gracia, a total of 20 video creations will be presented:


Exhibition of Performances and Installations of the Advanced Programming Subject of the Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia of the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia

Coordinated by Carlos García, the following projects will be presented:


Oscar Bahamonde, Andrés Castro, Tania Cortés

Training Bodies is a work for performer, real-time video and real-time sound. It consists of four (4) acts and three (3) transitions. It explores the possibilities of exchange between performing art and motion capture technology (MOCAP) as a fundamental element.


Álvaro Blázquez Berbel, Belén Cortés Rodríguez, Sara García Maestre, Christian Xavier Martínez Soto, Juan Sebastián Sanabria Monsalve, Andrés Vidal Martín Martín

With this project, we make available to the public a series of sound and visual tools, generating a transdisciplinary experience that hybridizes installation and performance as a relational practice.


Gordon Endt

BBByzer is a modular digital synthesizer with external samples and internal sound elements as well as adudio-reactive visuals. It is operated by computer keyboard, mouse or touch panel.

BLIP (Breve Lapso de Interrupción Perceptiva)

Marco Ferrerira, Violeta López López

In approaching the concept of dance, the exploration of the definitions around the word dance appeals to the erroneous alteration of a certain order. Starting from this consideration of dance as a crack, glitch, escape route before a preset reality, an investigation is proposed around the link between the body and time, specifically of the term error as the difference between the calculated value of time and the perception we have of it. Does the error lie in the variable and subjective perception of temporal space or is it rather found in the incarceration of it in the minutes and seconds pointed by the clock?

Given the uncontrollable flow that drags us in our day to day in a world guided by the digital culture of speed, the possibility of dance is raised as an exploration of alternatives to this prevailing order. The body through dance is constituted as a physical element that complements itself while opposing the virtual, posing through its imperfection a subversion of the measured, the concatenated order of events. This proposal seeks to explore error as a trigger for new possibilities for action, forks in the path that leave linearity behind to develop in a more rhizomatic environment.

The research relates dance and new media through the use of these as a mechanism for the transformation of space and, in a certain way, of reality that is possible and perceived. In symbiosis with the body, audiovisual production generates a variable and interactive space-time frame. It is proposed to develop a proposal that gives the body a role as a dynamizer of action, working around repetition and the variables that can be introduced to unleash a development of events that breaks with the ordered and closed narrative sequence. Interactive audiovisuals are linked to the gesture, inhabiting time and carrying out a resignation of this as well as space.


Laura Rodilla, Carme Martínez, Axel López

The concept discussed in this installation, entitled “Espai íntim” invites us to question our assumptions and prejudices about the relationship between the human being and the world around him, and to strike a balance between our need for protection and our responsibility to respect the freedom and integrity of others.


Juliana Rojas Millán

Ephemeral body is a new experimentation that continues a previous creative process: “Nomadic Body: transitory states” in which through projection, rotoscopy and installation with fabrics in an exhibition space with white walls, a video installation is created that intervening it in different ways, gives a resignified body as container of the soul represented by the recognition of micro to macro organisms that coexist and proposes the idea of the relationship between different worlds that we inhabit the same space.

The body becomes the visible way of perceiving energy through its state, texture and movement; a container that is loaded with experiences, time and other species with which it lives daily and transforms the perceptive and experiential way of each individual. In this first project, this exhibition is accompanied by a book that narrates different experiences of the artist and that reflect her relationship with the infinite landscape and energy perception in their emotional and mental states.



Official section for short films Opera Prima Special f in October CCC – Tuesday, May 2nd.

7:30 p.m. – Focused session to give visibility to new directors. The selected shorts will be screened and will also compete for all the festival prizes.



The public will be offered the participation in a raffle whose prize is to be part of an introductory workshop to multilingual dubbing given by Francesc Fenollosa i Ten. The draw will take place during the festival sessions, in which 2 people from the audience will be awarded.

With a total of 22 places, the workshop is funded by l’AIFFA i Francesc Fenollosa i Ten.