LUNES 2 de mayo

Parresia  – 12’  – Fiction
Ignacio Lasierra 

Two women from the cleaning service. A parliament. A decision. A moral dilemma. A way of doing politics.

The Wheel – 13’ – Fiction
Metîn Ewr

In the 1990s, some newspapers were not allowed to enter the Diyarbakir region, under a state of emergency at the time, although they were legal. Children like Bawer and Hebûn, who were part of the distribution group, would secretly pick up these newspapers outside the city at a pre-arranged location and bring them to the planned meeting place in the city. There, the children changed their clothes and went out to distribute them, under the guise of another job. But they were constantly followed by those who saw the newspaper as dangerous and wanted to prevent its dissemination. Çerx is a testimony to the conditions in which these newspapers were distributed to readers and the difficulties encountered.

Au Revoir Jérôme – 7’ – Animation
Adam Sillard, Gabrielle Selnet, Chloé Farr 

Newly arrived in paradise, Jerome sets out to find his wife Maryline. In the course of his quest, he is immersed in a surreal and colorful world where no one seems to be able to help him.

One Of More – 13’ 51”  – Fiction
David Van 

Emilie is a lonely middle-aged woman who hides in the basement of her house from the ever-increasing danger of the world around her. The only way he keeps abreast of what’s really going on outside is through the television news, which he watches most of the time. After a few months, away from reality and with food shortages, one day she is faced with the decision to overcome her fear and leave.

Renaixem – 12’ – Documentary
David Segarra

When the confinement began, we asked ourselves: during a quarantine, who feeds us? In the midst of a state of alarm caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we recorded the work in the orchard fields and in the markets. Renaixem is a documentary about the perseverance of the men and women who distribute fresh food to the inhabitants of València. But also a reflection on the resilience of an old system that has proven to be very efficient during the crisis.

Cinco Estrellas – 11’ – Fiction
Roberto Jiménez Bozada

Carlos and Toñi live in a tiny apartment in a marginal neighborhood. They haven’t been able to pay their rent for months, their electricity is cut off every few days and they survive by collecting scrap metal. Now the day has come when Henrik and Jens, two Danish tourists willing to spend a day with a poor family, are going to meet them.

Deep Soria – 5’ 17’’ – Fiction
Pedro Estepa Menéndez 

Something is happening in Soria… Several news about this province are reaching everywhere shared through WhatsApp and social networks. Renowned journalists and youtubers report on curious events but there is one that can change the reality of our country. Now, Zone 0 is in Soria.

Free Fall – 19’ 20” – Fiction
Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Tom is a young trader at a London bank, however his recent results have put him in the forefront. When he sees the first plane crash into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Tom launches into the biggest operation of his life. Based on a true story.


Resonancias – 4’ – Fiction
Iñigo Aranburu

The sounds and voices recorded yesterday are reproduced today in a great sounding board.

Navras – 16’ 6” – Documentary
Marco Huertas 

Experimental documentary about memory and the oriental vision of life and death.

Forastera  – 19’ 52’’-   Fiction
Lucía Aleñar

While spending the summer in Mallorca, Antonia finds herself captivated by the similarities between herself and her late grandmother, and discovers a power she has over her grandfather. He can’t resist dressing up, but it’s clear who’s playing who.

Survivers  –  6´ 30” – Fiction
Carlos Gómez-Trigo

A dark night. A car in a parking lot. Three science freaks are the only survivors of an undetermined catastrophe. An opportunity to start Humanity from scratch. But differences arise between them about when to remove the helmet that serves as protection.

It’s Time To Heal  –  5’ 17’’  – Fiction
Paul Cheung 

Tired and hungry, the last child on Earth wanders a scorched and devastated land, searching for signs of life. When all seems lost, his lucid dreams give him hope and set him on a new path. A prophetic reminder of the fragility of our planet, a beacon of hope that all is not yet lost.

Mama   – 29’ 50’’ – Documentary
Pablo de la Chica 

Deep within the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, in one of the most conflictive and violent places in the world, lies the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Sanctuary. There, Mama Zawadi and her chimpanzee cubs find the only place in the world where unconditional love can heal the wounds of war and save them from extinction.

DOMINGO 8 de mayo

Yalla – 10’ 19” – Documentary
Carlo D’Ursi

Mufid, a 14-year-old boy, plays soccer with his friends. He misses a shot and makes the ball disappear behind a hill. She doesn’t want to go looking for him, but she knows she will. When he enters the area guarded by a military drone, he discovers that Amina has taken the ball from him. Mufid tries to get it back. Hassan takes the ball from the teenagers and throws it into some rubble; inside, a great secret. The drone goes on alert. Mufid comes out of the ruins with the ball, but the drone is not sure about that. Mufid becomes a new target. A big explosion will end everything.

La abuela – 19’ 36” – Fiction
Carmen Panadero

Grandma Sophie lived alone in a farmhouse in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, until the sudden arrival of her grandson Ismael, a 16-year-old teenager. As a result of the economic and social crisis, Ismael’s father has gone to work in Germany. Having no news of him, his wife leaves to look for him, leaving Ismael with his grandmother.

Mi Primera Opción – 5’ 57’’ – Fiction
Carlota Callen

A heated argument about oral sex will change their friendship forever.

Purasangre – 15’ 23”  – Fiction
César Tormo

Who would not give everything for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a very wealthy, ailing elderly neighbor. And he gives his own meat in exchange for gold. Gradually, the need gives way to a craving for more gold.

Un Cœur D’or – 12’ 47” – Animation
Simón Filliot

¿Quién no daría todo por un hijo? Una madre ve la oportunidad de escapar de las penurias de una vida de pobreza vendiendo sus órganos a un vecino anciano enfermo, muy rico. Y entrega su propia carne a cambio de oro. Poco a poco, la necesidad da paso al ansia de más oro.

O Niño Dos Paxaros – 15’ 32’’ – Fiction Documentary
Lucía Estévez

Sparrows burrow into machinery, exhaust pipes, open engines, or car seats on the third floor. When they hear the big gate open first thing in the morning, they rush to get in. Today the workshop is a safe place for them, just as it was for my father in the 1980s.

Ay, Juanito – 15’ 56” – Fiction
Diego Cortés

It is the story of a poor bastard who goes from shit to shit, either in his career as a musician or in his desire to become a Don Juan, but that does not discourage him and will not stop him from trying his luck. This story is about a night in which Juanito and his friends go to a party, previously only they meet to have a drink.

LUNES 9 de mayo

Mess of Iguanas – 5’ 19” – Animation
Jan Krocak

The malevolent AI called The Source threatens the survival of all life on a prosperous planet. Is there a hiding place for this new unstoppable threat?

Su Rider – 12’ 32” – Fiction
Alberto Utrera

April comes home and orders food for dinner. The delivery man who arrives is not the one he expected and neither is the situation he is about to experience.

Je Veille Sur Toi  –  16’  – Fiction
Janek Tarkowski 

Nicolás, a pensioner fond of his independence, loses his autonomy after a heart attack. This results in his son, Gabriel, imposing a robot on him to help him in his daily life. But Gabriel may have made a rash decision…

Un Minuto – 10’ 36” – Fiction
Miguel Alcalde 

An unsettling Skype call turns a young couple’s morning into a nightmare that could alter their lives forever.

Como Cualquier Otro – 18’ – Fiction
Sergi González Fernàndez

Esteban has lost his wife and is about to lose his daughter. Letting her go, however, may be the only way to get her back…

The Load – 16’ 21”  – Fiction
Miranda Namicheishvili 

In order to help his brother in America, Mate has to go through the toughest journey of his life.

En el Cielo – 13’ 3” – Fiction
Manuel Gomar 

Julia was not a happy woman and she made a decision that could change everything.

JUEVES 12 de mayo - DDHH

Human Walkers In Motion – 10’ 44’’ – Fiction
Ethann Néon

The walk inhabits our being and governs our social space. Side by side or face to face, it implies an exchange. By combining the specific rhythm of each, a hidden harmony emerges. In connection with the work of Eadweard Muybridge, this film projects us into the frenetic rhythm of the steps of fifty walkers.

Salvaje – 5’ 54’’- Documentary
Raúl González

Maite Sánchez decides to make a change of life and leaves her life in the city behind to enter a life in the mountains, a life where survival, self-sufficiency and self-consumption prevail. She becomes a rancher of the last wild cow, the Betizú, a breed that is almost in extinction. This breed is raised in freedom in the mountains of Goizueta where she and her family live and share their lifestyle.

Caníbales– 4’ 39’’- Fiction
Mikel Bustamante

They have come this far and now they will have to face the last test.

Entreterrestres  – 23’ 25’’ – Fiction
Lucas Parra 

Spain, 1977. Mari, a housewife dissatisfied with her life, spends her days reading UFO magazines and has a devotion to aliens. One night she goes to the field to spot UFOs and discovers a heartbreaking revelation about his marriage. Fed up with earthlings, Mari decides to look for love outside of Earth.

Miedo – 4’ 55’’ – Fiction
Angelo Moreno

Aina, 34, is a widowed woman with a troublesome son. After the death of her husband in a traffic accident, at the same time, she tries to rebuild her life with another person, but her son, by not understanding the situation, will complicate her days by pushing her to the limits, which together with economic problems and a job that is consuming her, will make her ask the following question: Dance life or die walking?

El Silencio En Las Flores – 16’ 19’’ – Fiction
Julio Mas Alcaraz

Like every day, Dania leaves Ruth at school and goes to her flower shop. What begins as a routine day at the store begins to turn into something strange when an unexpected event occurs.

Night  – 15’ 58’’-   Animation
Ahmad Saleh

The dust of war keeps sleepless eyes. The night brings peace and sleep to all the people of the broken city. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child remain resistant. The night has to trick her into sleeping to save her soul.

Cristiano  – 11’ 04” – Fiction
Adán Pichardo 

Cristiano is a devout young man who wants to train at the seminary to become a Catholic priest, to the surprise that the interviewer responsible for vocations is the former priest of his town, Avelino is an unconventional priest who defines himself as a “modern man” .

domingo 15 de mayo

Tótem Loba  – 22’ 51”  – Fiction
Verónica Echegui 

Estíbaliz accepts the invitation of her high school friend Raquel, to go to the parties in her town. What seems to be a fun and exciting weekend turns out to be a nightmare when Estíbaliz discovers that in her friend’s town the tradition is that the men dress up as wolves and go out to hunt the women at night. And what is more frightening still is that no one seems to care or be alarmed by this terrifying and abominable behaviour.

Canto negro  – 2’ – Animation
Adrián Vega 

A maroon, settled in the tranquility of the palenque, enjoying his privilege as a black revered by his people, recalls the moment of his escape. The chase scene of the foreman with the dogs is presented, how they catch up with him, corner him and attack him. The providential help of the Orishas, protective gods of the African people, protect, bless and free them from their shackles. The maroon has to decide between confronting or continuing to flee from his oppressor.

Outside Is Free  – 16’ 43’’ –  Fiction
Antoni Sendra 

A cyclist suffers an accident while training. Badly injured and unable to move, he is trapped in the mountain. The appearance of a dog will mark the fate of your survival.

Wayback – 8’ –  Animation
Carlos Salgado 

In the far reaches of the galaxy, a space explorer collects a plant on a mysterious planet, but his way back will be complicated, testing his resolve.

Chaval –  28’ 50’’ – Fiction
Jaime Olías de Lima

Pablo, a young man from the neighborhood, stays at dawn with his friend Néstor. They both wait for the van to pick them up. Meanwhile, Pablo’s mother keeps calling him to come home.

Abrazar Las Estrellas  – 8’ 07’’ – Documentary
Christopher Sánchez y Mario Cervantes 

Javier García Pajares is known for being the first deafblind student to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship. Thanks to this, it began to become an example of self-improvement and a benchmark in the field of disability. Not satisfied with this, years later he embarked on the adventure of achieving the challenge of reaching increasingly demanding mountain peaks and experiencing new adventure sports at the hands of his psychologist and friend José Antonio García. In this documentary we accompany Javier on a new adventure while we learn about his story of overcoming and reaffirming himself as a reference for many.

Inútil – 7’ 46’’ – 

Tito, a neighborhood boy who everyone teases, wants to prove his worth. After various initiation tests, one morning of reenlistment he finds himself spinning in a vacant lot in the neighborhood with his new “friends”. Music and drugs accompany the fun until a comment from Tito turns the party into a macabre joke in which he is forced to commit a robbery to complete the initiation ritual.

La inquilina – 9’ 46’’-   Fiction
Lucas Paulino y Angel torres    

Have you ever noticed that tingling in your leg that makes it difficult for you to move it? Surely you fell asleep… or not. Mia wakes up one morning with a strange discomfort in her leg that causes a severe limp. What seemed like a minor medical issue changes when a woman on the street warns Mia that something else is wrong with her leg. From here paranoia and obsession take over Mia in an escalation of terror that passes in a sigh or rather in a breath.

jueves 19 de mayo

Guanabacoa: Tierra de Aguas – 7’ 17’’ – Documentary
Juan Caunedo Domínguez 

The indigenous people of this area of Havana called it “land of waters”: Guanabacoa. A musical journey from the source to the mouth of a river that will reveal some of the wonders and monsters we live with.

Too Rough – 16’ – Fiction
Sean Lìonadh 

After a drunken night, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must hide him from his own dysfunctional, homophobic family.

Solo Una Más  –  13’ 58’’  – Fiction
Double G 

Roberto Menchén is one more among the millions of inhabitants that populate the Spanish capital. Being just one more, as in others, awakens their desire for prominence. During his pool training, something happens. Roberto Menchén begins to pocket all the balls one after another. Roberto’s perfect game will begin to attract attention, even the press takes their television cameras to record the greatest event of our era. Roberto is on the pool table, the girl he likes places the triangle on him, the clients have become fans and the eyes of the whole world are on his next shot. And just like everyone else, we wonder, what will be his next hit? The fame, the money, the girl… everything is on the table.

The Chimney Swift – 5’  – Animation
Frédéric Schuld 

A British chimney sweep describes his daily routine of forcing young children to become workers. As we watch a boy cleaning a fireplace, the teacher’s statement becomes more personal with each sentence until we understand that he is speaking of his own past. Being locked in a vicious circle, there seems to be no way out.

Teslimat – 11’ 55’’ – Fiction
Dogus Özokutan 

Yusuf accepts the assignment of taking refugees with his refrigerated truck, believing that it is the only way to get money to save his daughter’s life. When the smuggler arrives with the refugees, Yusuf realizes that there are also children who will not survive in a refrigerated truck. But he goes ahead with his work, risking their lives.

Tears Of Bukhara – 11’ 47” – Fiction
Markel Goikoetxea Markaida

The end of the Guardian of Bukhara has come and that makes Qamar the new candidate to care for the souls of people who are no longer with us. Even if you are in doubt about whether or not to accept this responsibility, there is only one thing for sure: Being the New Guardian will bring him even closer to his mother, who rests in peace among the stars in the sky of Bukhara.

Anima Animae Animam  –  29’ 50’’  – Documentary
José Puchades Martínez, Julieta Gasroc 

It is a tribute to the people who dedicated their lives to sharing their soul with beings who never had it. To those who gave voice and life to objects that had a lot to say. To tell stories recovered from oblivion. To the puppeteers who, due to their profession, could not be buried in cemeteries because they were considered soulless beings.

LUNES 22 de mayo

Del Sari al Hábito – 23’ – Documentary
Dani Sánchez López 

Tashi gave many names and lives before becoming a Buddhist monastic: – Navadeep Reddy, twin of Anudeep, prodigal son of a high caste family from Hyderabad. – Matharani, a mother goddess to her LGBTQ family during her years of activism. -And now his given monastic name: Tashi Choedup. However, his Instagram account is @buddhistandqueer. Tashi is the living oxymoron and mirror of India as they navigate the path of their faith and queer identity in the turbulent oceans of contemporary Indian politics.

Nuestros Hijos – 10’ 17’’ – Fiction
Cecilia Gessa 

Our children… Do we know them? Are they like us? Do they inherit our hatreds? What can we do if we discover that our child is a bully? “Our children” tells a realistic everyday story of two mothers who argue over a problem of bullying. The revelations that arise throughout this encounter put them on the edge of the precipice, confronting them with their own contradictions.

Una Historia Azul  –  18’ 14’’ – Fiction
Mónica Lilac 

The “Blue” Boy was an insecure person who had always felt like a secondary color. Having always wanted to be a different color, he decides to paint his life in another tone after meeting her: the Blue Girl. When both of you meet for the first time, they can’t help but be fascinated. Him, because she is everyone’s favorite color. Her, because he seems to be just as different a color from her as possible.

Mindanao – 17’ – Fiction
Borja Soler 

Marisol, the corrupt mayor of a Levante city, spends her last hours in freedom surrounded by her entourage. The last party with his most faithful people: the right hand of his party, the businessman with whom he built his small empire, a dim-witted secretary, a ballad singer who is the soul of the party and his great love, Amparo.

Iskra – 11’ 28’’-   Fiction
Adrian Replanski

As a strange plague tightens its grip on an isolated rural town, a young woman’s contact with the outside world sparks unrest among the superstitious townspeople.

Dubai is a Diamond – 6’ – Documental
Mohammad Mohammadian

Dubai Is a Diamond is an experimental documentary short film about Dubai city, and made entirely of stock footage videos.

Nur Y Abir  – 13’ 11’’-   Fiction
Manu Gómez

School ends and the long-awaited vacations begin. This summer is special. Abir finally goes to the beach. She has never been to the sea and, thanks to her friend Nur, and behind the backs of her dictatorial parents, they have devised a plan to fulfill her dream of bathing together in the Mediterranean Sea. But there are conflicts that stain the color of life and the color of the sea in Palestine has changed from blue to red.


Goodnight Spa – 13’ 34’’ – Animation
Emilio Gallego , Jesús Gallego 

When dawn breaks, the pillows that everyone sleeps on travel to the magical world of Goodnight Spa. A spa where they relax in warm baths, use special dryers to perfume themselves and, above all, unload the dreams they absorb during the night. This is the story of Novato, a pillow who travels to the Goodnight Spa for the first time. There you will meet other pillows, learn how this special spa works and discover the dreams of its owner, a boy named Óscar.

Step By Step –  7’ 18’’ – Animation
Janvier, A. David, E. Gach, F. Paoli, C. Robert, J. Valentin

A little rain boot wakes up on a river’s side. On her journey through the forest she would overcome any obstacles to find her way back home. On the road she faces many events that will make her grow.

Cracked – 5’ – Fiction
Mahmut Taş

A girl lives in a village with her mother where the water sources are depleting day by day. The drought affects his imagination, even his doodles and drawings. Not only people, but also nature, fight against the relentless aridity. However, this girl never gives up hope. She tries to do the best she can, sacrificing herself for her beloved nature.

Kayak – 20’ 44’’ – Animation
Solène Bosseboeuf, Flore Dechorgnat, Tiphaine Klein, Auguste Lefort, Antoine Rossi 

A father and his baby’s kayak outing along a peaceful river turns out to be a real family adventure.

Grandpa – 20’ – Animation
Josh Allan 

A journey of a 7-years-old boy’s acceptance of his grandpa’s death in a traditional Taiwanese funeral.

Umbrellas – 11’ 49’’ –  Animation
José Prats, Álvaro Robles 

Kyna, a rain-phobic girl who depends on the protection of her father’s enormous beard, must face her fear when the disappearance of her dog, Nana, forces her to go looking for her. She goes through the forest alone, until she finds her dog in serious danger, near a river with a raging current. Kyna will decide to get wet to rescue Nana and her puppy, thus overcoming her trauma.