ROMPENTE – 26’ 33’’- Fiction
Eloy Domínguez Serén

Santi is a teenage father who lives in a small coastal town. During the day he has a job as a fisherman, while at night he smuggles seafood. While his girlfriend Lucia takes care of their baby all by herself, Santi, absent and overwhelmed by responsibility, seeks refuge and redemption in the sea.

1MTH/MIN -3’45” Experimental
Ethann Néon

1 MTH/MIN is a reflection on space-time in a cinematographic form. Each image represents a 24-hour scan taken each day from March 21 to June 21. Through the frame of a window, the landscape stages natural spring phenomena: the blossoming of trees, weather changes, the extension of daylight until the summer solstice.

Loop – 7′ – Animation
Pablo Polledri

In this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again.

SHIRO -18’36″- Drama
Arnau Rubio

In the heart of a sacred forest, a group of samurai aims to find and capture the daughter of the forest spirit. However, young Shiro is unclear whether that’s the right path.

CUESTA ARRIBA -22’34” – Fiction
Teresa Trasancos

How a family’s life changes after the birth of their youngest child with cerebral palsy.

FICCIONES – 14’59” – Fiction
Teo Planell & Alejandra Kikidis

Alex, a sweet seventeen year old, works in the video store his father owns. From the counter he waits for something to come and change his monotone daily life. One afternoon, Fátima, a girl his age who has just moved to Madrid, walks in to rent three movies. As the conversation goes on we see what kind of people they are: He is a dreamer and claims that video stores are places full of magic where people create strong bonds, bewitched by a love and passion for movies.

Monday 24 of April

CHLORINE -19’55” – Drama
Thanos Psichogios

The girl spends the day in the pool. Her eyes sting from the chlorine in the water. The man’s eyes are red too although he spends the day in his bedroom. The sun is shining. The house is clean and tidy. A father and a daughter hiding from each other.

¿ES USTED DOCTOR? -15’20” – Drama/Thriller
José Alejandro Silva & Hugo Balseiro

Álvaro, a married man, receives a mistaken phone call late at night from an unknown young woman named Clara, who begins to call him repeatedly to incite a nocturnal encounter.

GARRANO -14’08” – Animation
David Doutel & Vasco Sá

A Garrano horse is forced to pull a heavy load under a blazing sun. Young boy Joel discovers a man who is about to set a forest on fire.

AMIGUIS – 5’48” – Fiction
Martín Ortiz

Influencers also have real friends to share, like and do TikTok dances with.

SUGAR PEOPLE -24’30” – Fiction
Suzana Dinevski

Elena, a young HIV positive woman meets Fillip, a young romantic man at an intersection in the city of Skopje. They spend the next couple of days walking around the city and getting to know each other while forming a special bond.

ENTRE PALABRAS – 15’00” – Fiction
Farid Ismail

Frederic, a young law student must pass his oral presentation for his final exam. But blocked by his persistent stutter, he tries various solutions to get rid of it…

Tuesday 25 of April & 2 of may - OPERA PRIMA SPECIAL

RADIO ESPECTRO – 24’16” – Fiction
Alejandro Bornes

A boy becomes involved in the lives of his mother and aunt, with whom he works in a neighborhood supermarket. He decides to approach his uncle, an older man who lives alone in his cottage, whom he will help build a photographic machine that can capture the aura of people and things that are no longer with us.

PATOPISTOU! – 6’18” – Animation
Célia Sebanne
MIRA NIÑO – 13’32” – Fiction
Sergio Avellaneda Belmonte

Susi feels frustrated. Her son has started working in the same place as her, a metal stamping factory. Afraid of the boss hiring him, Susi takes action in the worst way.

And Then They Burn the sea – 12’34 – Fiction/Drama
Majid Al-Remaihi

Es una contemplación elegíaca sobre la memoria familiar y la pérdida. Tejiendo un archivo familiar personal, sueños recreados y rituales, la película subraya la promesa del cine como medio para los recuerdos, incluso en su forma más irrecuperable.

Bootees – 4’07” – Fiction
Shreya Jayamohan

A short musical film that shows the eventful journey of a couple, starting from their wedlock. Painted with a brush of love, happiness, expectations, loss, and pain, this piece raises the question – what is the actual worth of things we dearly love? This film conveys its message through the expressive hands of talented actors and a simple story. Conceived by the student filmmaker Shreya Jayamohan, this film was shot on 16mm film using an old spring-wound Krasnogorsk-3 camera using Lomo lenses.

Sencillos ejercicios – 9’02” – Fiction
José Zamarreño Garcia

“Sencillos Ejercicios” is born when a couple puts on TV and see a girl doing sports. This sports activity is issued by an older couple a day if and another also, getting wonderful results.

Vulvine Reine d’Extase – 7’35”- Animation
Clémence Andre, Nawel Bahamou, Ming Chieh Chang, Théo Guyot & Mary Yanko

A Queen languishing in a desert kingdom falls in love with Death with whom she begins a carnal relationship. This morbid union becomes an obsession for her; an obsession that will lead the Queen to her end…

Influencer – 12’53”- Drama/Thriller
Nerea Torrijos

Karen, a young woman obsessed with the most important influencer of the moment, Kamilah Kay, decides to undergo surgery to look like her. Seeing the good acceptance that the new Karen has in networks, begins to spend his savings on more operations. The more she looks like Kamilah and less like herself, her life begins to improve, until one day something horrible will shake her new, idyllic life.


PERPETUA FELICIDAD – 21’26” – Fiction
Isa Luengo & Sofía Esteve

Alma is fifteen years old, singing in the village choir and is beginning to connect with her sexuality. Her father Kike, director of the choir, has lost his voice because of a laryngectomy. As the concert prepares together for the summer holidays approaches, tensions between father and daughter are increasing.

ROSALIE & CÉSAR – 23’00” – Fiction
Joan Borderie

In a small Mediterranean island village, it’s the last day of the last summer of Rosalie, 18, at her father’s, César, 80. With her baccalaureate in hand, Rosalie will leave in a few hours to continue her studies in London. But that day, Rosalie and César lose their dog, Neptune. As they set off together in search of him, the tensions and the unspoken resurface.

TONSER (BULLDOZER) – 13’40” – Fiction
Mads Koudal

Three friends are hanging out at the marina with the adrenalin still rushing after they have stolen energy drinks from the supermarket. When they notice an autistic man, the “alpha girl” in the group, Agnes, starts to exploit the man’s good-natured way of being.

I’M NOT AFRAID! – 7’02” – Animation
Marita Mayer

Vanja discovers that being brave means to face your own fears, and that everyone is scared now and then – even the big ones.

CONTEMPLATIVO – 3’44” – Fiction
Carlos Peris

Everyone thinks Pablo is a daydreaming guy, and they’re probably right.

A RABIA – 16’34” – Fiction
Alberto Díaz

Filomena ´s life is struck by poverty and the sad obscurity of hardship and torment. Terrible occurrences will mark her character during her childhood growing up in a Galician hamlet towards the end of the 19th century. Might she have the opportunity to change her fate?

BRUIT ROSE (PINK NOISE) – 2’07” – Animation
Ulysse Lefort, Martin Wiklund & Arthur Lemaître

A wave born from a distant echo, as a premise for a fantastic explosion of forms and colors.


UN POETA EN LA OSCURIDAD – 18’46” – Documentary
Juan Urgell

A blind elderly craftsman creates immense human sculptures with his bare hands, as the moonlight embellishes his simple yet poetic vision of the world.

PROJECTS – 12’11”  – Fiction
Mario Crisadia

Eloi, Comas and Axel are three young people from a neighborhood on the outskirts of a big city with a high unemployment and school failure rate. A place where opportunities for people of their age are scarce.

CLICHÉ – 4’ – Fiction
Giuseppe Rattá 

It is said that we Argentines talk too much, that we repeat ourselves. That we use many words to say the same thing. But that is a stereotype, a cliche. Isn’t it?

LA ENTREGA – 25’05” – Fiction
Pedro Díaz

Armando is 80 years old. An unknown trauma has prevented him from stepping outdoors for a decade. His only contact with the outside is through a rider who brings him the orders that his son manages from abroad. One day Armando receives something that will awaken in him old ghosts, fears and memories to face.

KUMBANG – 13’53” – Ficción/Thriller
Gwai Lou

A boy from a village in Terengganu, a rural district in Malaysia, is infatuated with the trend of live streaming. He dedicates a lot of time in front of the camera performing all sorts of trickeries, trying to achieve video views. After cutting himself accidentally during one of his live sessions, one of his followers offers him money to do it again. This will unleash a spiral of self-harm driven by the pursuit of fame and wealth.

CAROLINE SUR LE TOIT – 15’07” – Fiction
Alejandro Bordier

On National Day in a small village, a crowd is gathered in front of the mayor’s house. Caroline, whom no one seems to know, is sitting on the roof of the house. She says nothing, despite the insistence of the crowd, the mayor and his wife who try to understand the reason of her gesture.


THE LETTER ROOM – 30’ – Drama
Elvira Lind

When a corrections officer (Oscar Isaac) is transferred to the letter room, he soon finds himself enmeshed in a prisoner’s deeply private life…

UNA PORCIÓN POR ENVASE – 9’55” – Animation
Miguel Otálora

After running aground in the middle of the ocean, a couple -owners of a small family tuna company- has survived by eating only canned tuna. She desires to be saved, sending rescue messages by empty tuna can. He wants her. His efforts to keep her at his side will become the vehicle of her freedom.

BLACK SUMMER – 11’40” – Experimental
Felix Dierich

In the “Black Summer” of 2019/2020, Australia had some of the worst bushfires in its history. More than 20% of the forested area of the continent was destroyed, more than a billion animals were killed along with significant human casualties. The meteorological satellite Himawari-8 observed this catastrophe from a far distance.

CHIUSI ALLA LUCE – 10’24” – Fiction
Nicola Piovesan

The film freezes in time the terrible tragedy of an execution that took place in Italy in the summer of 1944, to the detriment of innocent peasants. An articulated long shot in which everything is still and everything changes.

LA LOCA Y EL FEMINISTA – 12’30”  Fiction
Sandra Gallego

La Loca y el Feminista is a conversation with no return. A conversation about what the exercise of feminism means and the use that we give to a word that has become fashionable, also among men.

TEGOYO – 7’ 45’’ – Fiction
Guillermo De Oliveira

In 1968, German filmmaker Werner Herzog recorded in the Island of Lanzarote his film ‘Even Dwarfs Started Small‘. More than half a century later, a very unusual scientist will try to recover sounds from the past.

RIMANA WASI – 20’00” – Documentary
Ximena Málaga Sabogal & Piotr Turlej

A radio host in the city of Puno, Peru, Chaska helps bring popular Quechua stories into the homes, stores, and fields of thousands of highland-dwelling families. But she is also a mom to three restless children, and a dutiful daughter of rural alpaca herders.


Handbook – 26′ – Fiction
Pavel Mozhar

After the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupt throughout the country. The special police take brutal action against demonstrators. Almost 7000 people are arrested. Hundreds of victims recount their experiences in interviews, revealing a system of repression, which is reconstructed in the director’s room in Berlin.

Sorda – 18’- Fiction
Nuria Muñoz-Ortín & Eva Libertad

Angela is deaf and Darío is hearing. They are a couple and have six chickens, four dogs, a vegetable garden and many communication problems. Now they are also going to have a child.

A Story for 2 Trumpets – 5’26’’- Animation
Amandine Meyer

Initiatory and intimate story in which the author tells, in the form of a tale, the key stages of her construction as a woman and artist.

Parlez-vous? – 8’36”- Fiction
Aitor De Kintana

Eric is a director at a humble French academy and the one in charge these last days of finding a new teacher. That is why he is doing a series of job interviews, but they are a simple process because today Javier is presented, the candidate with the best curriculum and unbeatable references for the position.

Pirmas sekmadienis po pirmos pilnaties (The First Sunday After the First Full Moon) – 14’58” – Fiction
Greta Griniūtė

When London-based DJ Egle returns to native Lithuania for an Easter celebration, she finds herself facing more than just the music.

La Nueva – 15’ – Fiction
Ivan Villamel

Maria is the new teacher who comes to an old religious school. On his first day, he will have to teach a group of rebellious teenagers who are part of a punishment class. An unexpected event will turn the classroom into a real hell. Not knowing the lesson can cost you your life.


Arquitectura emocional 1959 – 29’58”- Fiction
León Siminiani

This is the love story of Sebas and Andrea, first-time university students, from 1958 to 1959. And here as social class and ideology become insurmountable obstacles?… Here is the architecture marking, unnoticed, the dotted line that ends up dictating its emotion.

Randa 1976 – 22’19”- Fiction
Laura Río

Manuel, a young sailor of humble origin from Torremolinos, falls in love with Randa, a Swedish girl who arrives on the Costa del Sol on holiday. An intense relationship that ends like almost all summer loves: with separate paths.

Boundless – 6’01”- Experimental
William Pope

“Boundless” is about the brief period where a dancer is at the pinnacle of their career, and the inevitability of that fading away. I felt that this journey would be interestingly mirrored in the life cycle of a star, and wanted that crescendo in his choreography to represent the peak brightness in a star’s life, before fading into darkness.

Ellas – 14’12”- Fiction
Marta Aledo

Two pregnant friends are having lunch on the beach. What was going to be a beautiful day in the sun, begins to complicate when one of them begins to receive calls from his office for a problem that has been with a client.

Birani – 11′- Fiction
Ashique Mostafa

An ethnic minority/tribal tenant sheltering a stray dog faces trouble in a not-dog-friendly society where they see dogs as impure and unholy in the name of religion. The culling of dogs and people continues and remains unchallenged.

Nivel Dios – 14’06”- Fiction
César Tormo

Laura, a capricious 16-year-old girl is in love with her young and attractive religion teacher, so she will experience an excessive spiritual awakening that will lead her to lose her head.