Panxo Barrera
CEO of Entropía, film musician and professor of creativity

Musical composer for Cinema and Theare Arts, Panxo Barrera has produced, written and directed different projects for cinema, theatre and television(*).

Professor of Audiovisual Communication, specialties in Art Direction and Arborescent Narration (Polytechnic University of Valencia), more than ten years of experience in Communication, Creativity and Innovation, giving seminars in different bachelor and postgraduate programs in more than 15 universities and business schools.

Certified Consultant in Innovation for the University of Salamanca and Master in Multiple Intelligence (University of Valencia), he is an expert in creative methods such as Points of a You, Lego Serious Play, Six Thinking Hats or Kaos vs Control.

Performing Art Award Generalitat Valenciana (“Amada Candela”) Nominated for the Max Award (“Despertarás Ayer”) Auspice of Unesco (“Vencer o Morir”) Various awards for the direction of the TV program “La Nau de les Arts Escèniques

Xavier Crespo
director de Dacsa Produccions

Xavier Crespo has a long career as a film and television producer. His projects, not only documentaries but also fiction, have been selected in some of the most important independent film festivals, such as the Seminci in Valladolid, the San Sebastián Film Festival, the Muestra de Cine in Venice (Italy), the Montreal World Film Festival (Canada), the Muestra del Mediterráneo (Spain), DOCS DF (Mexico), Monterrey Film Festival (Mexico), among many others.

In 1992 he set up Maíz Producciones, an independent production company born out of the desire to be respectful with the audience and committed to cinema. Set up around a group of professionals with wide experience, the company develops projects in all audiovisual fields.

After “Tabarka” (1996), his first full length film, more than 40 audiovisual projects would follow, including full length fiction and documentary films, short films, TV movies, videoclips, and also advertisements.

Among these productions, the feature films “Faltas Leves” (2006), “Entre Esquelas” (2009), “OrsonWest” (2011) and “Mil cosas que haría por ti” (2017) particularly stand out, among others. Concerning documentaries, we can see: “Iberia” directed by Carlos Saura (2005) and winner of the Goya for Best Photography “La sombra del Iceberg” (2007), “Cómicos” (2009), nominated for the Goya for Best Documentary, “Miguel Hernández” (2010), “Espias en la Arena: Objetivo España “(2016), “Cabanyal año cero” (2018), and the most recent, “Camagroga” directed by Alfonso Amador, which was pre-selected for the Goya 2022.

Maíz Producción promoted the foundation of the Valencian Asociation of Independent Producers.

she teaches workshops on Actor Direction, Short Film Script and Interpretation

She studies English and communication at Baruch College and Performing Arts with a specialty in Theater at the HB Studio School, both in Manhattan (NY) where she resides for seven years. 

Upon her return to Spain, she continues to train as an actress and director with Jordan Bayne, (Susan Batson’s technique) and Graham Dixon (Michael Chejov’s technique) and in the Sanford Meisner technique at the True Acting Studio in Valencia. He also studies Film Direction and Screenplay at NUCINE and Screenplay with Paco López Barrio. 

She has written and directed four short films. Among them, La Buena Fe, which has received more than twenty awards (including Best Spanish Short Film at SEMINCI 2015) and was shortlisted for the 2016 Goya Awards. 

She has worked as a co-writer on the feature film When the night does not end, in the pre-production phase. 

She has taught the Directing of Actors course at the NUCINE film school for five years. 

She is a mentor for the Youth Audiovisual Encounter of the Cinema Jove Festival and a tutor at the Youth Residence of the same festival. 

Currently, she teaches workshops on Actor Direction, Short Film Script and Interpretation, and works as an actor coach while she develops her next audiovisual projects. 

She has a degree in Law and a diploma in Tourism.

Nastya Almina

Creative producer and half an orange in quebue_creative_studio.

She reaches creative culture through marketing and since her previous life as a graduate in nursing and veterinary medicine, a researcher in toxicology. Master in Marketing Management.

Contributor to non-profit organizations such as Covid Warriors and Save for SMEs.

In her interpretative and model facet she has been the protagonist of “Culmination” a biographical film that has had resonance with the theme of female sexuality and women’s rights in post-war Spain. She has participated with him in the congress Women 360 and in the campaign of Cosmopolitan TV to commemorate the 8 of M. Now in March 2023 she is the protagonist of an international campaign for Neutrogena.

As a creative producer, she works internationally with big brands and artists.

She has been a producer at the presentation of the illustration festival in France, Sarrant, 2019. 

With his partner, the director Pablo Quevedo form the artistic duo quebue of expression and creative experimentation of audiovisual art


coordinator of opera prima's Special jury

Daniel Gascó, writes about cinema, runs workshops, organizes seminars and, above all, maintains since summer 2004 the last video store in Valencia, Stromboli. He was a programmer at the Festival la Cabina and, for 7 editions, at Cineuropa.

With previous experience as a jury in RADIO CITY’s International Short Film Festival, Daniel agreed to collaborate as a coordinator and guide in the festival’s new project, the Award for Best Opera Prima in its category. This project was born of the desire of the festival to democratize and bring the audience of the event to the selection process of the participating short films.

“Beyond its budgets, you have to value the risk, the ambition and the narrative’s originality with which it has been created over its comprehension, clarity and meaning. Think about the future and select everything that squeaks, that surprises, that questions certainties or that brings a unique perspective of life”

members of the jury of the new project

The members of the Special Jury of the Opera Prima Award are:

Raúl Lorite, filmmaker and director of the short films “Claudia a través del cristal” (2012), “Fuggiro Tanto Amore” (2019) and “La pell en la terra” (2021); and the documentary feature “Soc perquè som” (2019);

Sergio Martín, iconoclast that inhabits the marshes of doctoral studies through an exploration of the essay attitudes that emerge in audiovisual production;

Isolina De Anta, psychotherapist, storybook writer and traveller;

Adriano de la Rosa, screenwriter, showrunner and technician in Administration and Finance;

Cecilia Mariño, Voice actress and photographer of fictional and impossible narratives;

Gonzalo Gurrea, director, screenwriter and actor, as well as professor of the Master’s Degree in Film Management at the Mastermedia School and member of the Valencian Academy of Audiovisual;

May Polo, illustrator and student of the EASD with experience as an assistant of projection, montage and sound in film festivals.


Francesc Fenollosa i Ten
(la Vall d'Uixó, 1955) PREMIOS TIRANT AVANT

Francesc Fenollosa i Ten (la Vall d’Uixó, 1955) PREMIOS TIRANT AVANT

He has been a professor of the ICE of the University of Valencia, a member of the Material Group for the teaching of Valencian as a second language, author of various educational texts, member of the editor group of LEMAV (Style Guide of Audiovisual Means in Valencian), promoted by AVL, and professor of locution and dubbing in UCH-CEU.

Translator, director and voiceover actor, he provided the voice of Master Roshi in the lengendary series Dragon Ball.

Creator and director of the Premios Tirant and Tirant Avant of short films and schools, among other film festivals.

Currently he teaches workshops for students and professors about public speaking, reading out loud, working in a team, integration of ICT in classrooms, production of capsule knowledge in the classroom, orality 2.0, assertiveness and mental health in the educational environment.


Carlos García Miragall
Doctor en Bellas Artes, licenciado en informática y músico autodidacta

From his youth, he has played the bass and electric guitar with several rock and pop groups in the Valencian music scene, and he currently forms part of the group PDP11, which focuses its investigation on the relationships between the senses.

Simultaneously with his musical projects, he has been a professor in the department of Information Technology and Computer Science of the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 1991. As a teacher, he has taught subjects of Programming, Video Digital Effects and Digital Sound in the degrees of Information Technology, Audiovisual Communication, and Fine Arts. He currently belongs to the investigation group Laboratorio de Luz in the department of Fine Arts, publishing various articles on the topic of art and technology, and carrying out exhibition in the Centro Parraga in Murcia, the Exhibition Hall in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón and the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany) among others.


Trinidad Gracia Bensa, has carried out, among others, the following research projects within the Light Laboratory of the UPV: Digital implementation of new visual and sound instruments for contemporary art. Application for interactive art and unconventional projection supports. PID2020-116186RB-C3. Publications with García, Sanmartín, Gracia. Visual Music: from colored organs to the first computers. AusArt. 6, p. 125 – 138. 2018. ISSN 2340-8510. DOI: 10.1387/ausart.19463. Some of the congresses in which he has participated: Title: Urban cyclists Mini-projections. Videograffiti and antimapping. Martinez; Grace Bensa. 18 International Meeting of Art and Technology (#18.ART) Lisbon. 10/19/2019. ISSN: 2238-0272.

Multimedia artist, Doctor of Fine Arts and professor at the Department of Painting - UPV

Multimedia artist, Doctor of Fine Arts and professor at the Department of Painting – UPV. As a member of the Light Laboratory research group, he has participated in projects that have been exhibited at: Greenspace – Valencia, LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation – Gijón, ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie – Karlsruhe, Centro Párraga – Murcia, Espace Brasseurs – Liège-Belgium, Ludwing Forum – Aachen. Germany, Espai d’Art La Llotgeta-CAM – Valencia, Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art – Seville, IVAM-Valencia. On an individual level, he has also exhibited at: Luís Adelantado Gallery – Valencia, Sala Amadis – Madrid, CCE – Lima, EACC – Castellón.

Festival Internacional Cortometrajes Radio City








Creative director of the festival, and member of La debida evolución, cultural laboratory.