For its twenty-first edition, the organization of the festival, decided to bet on young talent, commissioning the ESAT, Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología, the production of 3 promotional spots and 2 versions of the official poster of the festival, in addition to its graphic application to the formats of information triptych, roll-up and RRSS, Giffs and small animated videos.

The designers of the official poster were Marianna Rigoni and Joan Sanchis, coordinated by José Valero; while the directors of the spots were Lucía Sanz, Pedro García and Alex Sanchis. A project born from the union of different views and reflections on the nature of cinema and its meaning for each of the artists.

SPOT 1 2023

Realizado por Lucía Sanz (ESAT)

SPOT 2 2023

Realizado por Pedro García (ESAT)



Paul GrabowskiI

SPOT 2022.

Realization Pablo Quevedo.


Malota Mar Hernández, professional and vocational illustrator.

This year the festival is committed to a designer who is passionate about art and cinema. A pleasure to have it with us is edition.

SPOT 2019 

This year the festival presents the spot thanks to the collaboration Arturo Valls.

The animation has been done by José Cuenca starting from the image of the 2019 poster and the realization by Pablo Quevedo.

WEB 2019

This year the festival presents the new website:

The website has been designed by Ana Corbera, graphic and web designer of Valencia.