In its first edition, more than 170 short films were registered, a number which has since multiplied in following editions, until today where we have more than 600 films from all over the world. An independent festival which started as a small scale cinema exhibition which has now become the short film festival of Valencia and one of the most important in Spain, with increasing international recognition.

RADIO CITY, the headquarters of the festival from the beginning, is the most emblematic establishment of Valencia’s historic centre and since 1979 has been embracing art in all its forms. Cinema of course could not be left out, and after 18 editions Radio City has become the informal meeting point of professionals who attend other film festivals in Valencia.

The festival take place each spring for four weeks, with a capacity of 130 seats per session and free entry. Throughout the year, other similar projects are developed.

This festival regards short films as authentic cinema, and a genre of their own, with a running time of half an hour maximum, which allows sufficient time to show a well-told story. It focuses on new audiovisual styles, and provides a space to come together, reflect and review. It is a project in motion dedicated to exhibiting the new things on scene, new directors, new forms of expression, and encouraging the intersection of different artistic branches regarding the moving image. We place special interest in shorts which are outstanding in originality or bravery in addressing topics which contemplate difficulties or challenges faced by vulnerable groups.

The festival also revitalises the production, exhibition, and meeting of cinema professionals for the spreading of audiovisual projects in the Valencian Community and also the promotion of this industry in the local language.

Thanks to its long trajectory, quality, contribution to culture and art, its international recognition, its constant support of the film industry and the profound respect towards those who work non-stop to make short films, this festival has become vital centre of creativity which feeds the cultural heart of the city of the Turia.

Using drama, comedy, suspense, documentaries, animation, video creation, creators ignore typical narration as to the time-space breakdown which it characterises. This is all a sign of heterogeneity that rules creativity as well as reality that feed artists.

A festival which is celebrated for continuing to endure, from a private project, by personal initiative of those who carry out this festival through the cultural association LA DEBIDA EVOLUCIÓN.

A necessary space for creatives to present their projects in the independent festival circuit, and in this way, tell their stories, favouring communication between different cultures of the world through a common language: small sized cinema.