15 May 2022


19:30 - 21:00

Official Short Film Section

Tótem Loba  – 22’ 51”  – Fiction
Verónica Echegui 

Estíbaliz accepts the invitation of her high school friend Raquel, to go to the parties in her town. What seems to be a fun and exciting weekend turns out to be a nightmare when Estíbaliz discovers that in her friend’s town the tradition is that the men dress up as wolves and go out to hunt the women at night. And what is more frightening still is that no one seems to care or be alarmed by this terrifying and abominable behaviour.

Canto negro  – 2’ – Animation
Adrián Vega 

A maroon, settled in the tranquility of the palenque, enjoying his privilege as a black revered by his people, recalls the moment of his escape. The chase scene of the foreman with the dogs is presented, how they catch up with him, corner him and attack him. The providential help of the Orishas, protective gods of the African people, protect, bless and free them from their shackles. The maroon has to decide between confronting or continuing to flee from his oppressor.

Outside Is Free  – 16’ 43’’ –  Fiction
Antoni Sendra 

A cyclist suffers an accident while training. Badly injured and unable to move, he is trapped in the mountain. The appearance of a dog will mark the fate of your survival.

Wayback – 8’ –  Animation
Carlos Salgado 

In the far reaches of the galaxy, a space explorer collects a plant on a mysterious planet, but his way back will be complicated, testing his resolve.

Chaval –  28’ 50’’ – Fiction
Jaime Olías de Lima

Pablo, a young man from the neighborhood, stays at dawn with his friend Néstor. They both wait for the van to pick them up. Meanwhile, Pablo’s mother keeps calling him to come home.

Abrazar Las Estrellas  – 8’ 07’’ – Documentary
Christopher Sánchez y Mario Cervantes 

Javier García Pajares is known for being the first deafblind student to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship. Thanks to this, it began to become an example of self-improvement and a benchmark in the field of disability. Not satisfied with this, years later he embarked on the adventure of achieving the challenge of reaching increasingly demanding mountain peaks and experiencing new adventure sports at the hands of his psychologist and friend José Antonio García. In this documentary we accompany Javier on a new adventure while we learn about his story of overcoming and reaffirming himself as a reference for many.

Inútil – 7’ 46’’ – 

Tito, a neighborhood boy who everyone teases, wants to prove his worth. After various initiation tests, one morning of reenlistment he finds himself spinning in a vacant lot in the neighborhood with his new “friends”. Music and drugs accompany the fun until a comment from Tito turns the party into a macabre joke in which he is forced to commit a robbery to complete the initiation ritual.

La inquilina – 9’ 46’’-   Fiction
Lucas Paulino y Angel torres    

Have you ever noticed that tingling in your leg that makes it difficult for you to move it? Surely you fell asleep… or not. Mia wakes up one morning with a strange discomfort in her leg that causes a severe limp. What seemed like a minor medical issue changes when a woman on the street warns Mia that something else is wrong with her leg. From here paranoia and obsession take over Mia in an escalation of terror that passes in a sigh or rather in a breath.

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