This is how the RADIO CITY short film festival starts

“What a long name for a short film contest!” exclaimed Pablo Díaz del Río, presenter of a fun and well-attended gala. Let’s not forget its historical importance: cinema was born short, or as this year’s motto says: “Good cinema is short”. And like a good movie there was a mastery of the tempo in the ceremony, it stretched or shortened depending on the interventions or vibrated with the heels, of Yessica Sánchez, very well accompanied by the voice and guitar of Tomás de los Cariños Junior, with whom we paid heartfelt tribute to Carlos Saura, who died just two months ago. The Aragonese filmmaker exposed his first weapons in the short film, “Cuenca” (1958) and would never abandon the genre, “Goya 3 de mayo” (2021).

Radio City doesn’t just provide a festival but also functions as a platform for new talent. This year’s graphic image (poster, presentation spot) was carried out by ESAT students and the director of the audiovisual department, Alberto Adsuara, went up and spoke with great pride about the fruits of this collaboration. “Given the quality of our students, up to three works have been chosen that visually define this edition”. Pointing to the poster, Daniel Gascó, coordinator of the group of selectors for the debut feature, highlighted that naked skull, with the brain exposed. “Open mind,” said Gascó. I advised the eight members: “Put aside your egos, likes and phobias, and think that you are going to contribute to making a festival young, advanced and sensitive to innovation and risk. So stop above all in that cinema that leaves blank spaces for the spectator, so that he fills them with his sensitivity and feels that he completes the work”.

Pablo Díaz del Río, Yessica Sánchez, Tomás de los Cariños Junior and Natalia Lozano presenting the gala

Very true, there is no good spectator who is passive and in Radio City the attendees are also competing. Every time they vote for the “audience award” they opt for the “viewer award”, which consists of the Free participation in a multilingual dubbing workshop led by Francesc Fenollosa on May 17 at Radio City. Outside the contours of this mythical place, a special selection of “Valencian shorts” and “first works” will be shown in the Octubre room and the ABC Park, collaborators of this Festival.

And it was time for the cinema: the screens went down, the lights went out and a short trailer conceived by ESAT was projected, a longer one with images of all the shorts devised by Alicia Jiménez and “Loop”, the animated short film that won the Goya this year.

Surely inspired by the mythical start of “Love me tonight” (1932) or the ecstatic sequence of “Delicatessen”, “Loop” showed a perfect symphony based on diverse actions. Something not very different from what we experienced at the inauguration. Because if it is true that good cinema frees us, dynamites our prejudices, music, like the one that KARAOKE ROCK BAND interprets wasting energy and humor, unites, achieving over and over again those moments of communion that the icing on a great night requires.

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