Each author can present as many short films as they wish. Any film which is not in Spanish must contain subtitles in said language. There is no restriction on content.

For national short films, the first release should be after 1st January 2018, and 1st January 2017 for international shorts, to ensure it hasn’t taken part in previous editions.

The duration of the film must not exceed 30 minutes, including credits.


Registration can be done exclusively online via these channels:

The deadline to register is 24th February 2019.

It is essential that the registration form is completed with contact details correctly filled out, once hte film is uploaded. This content is private and will only be accessible to members of the festival and its collaborators. Film poster or promotional collaterals and any stills should also be included for promotional purposes.

Registering a film in the festival implies the subsequent obligation to participate in the festival. That is to say, once registered, it will not be possible to withdraw from the festival.


All the films are eligible to win for all the prizes.

The films competing for 4 prizes mentioned below should email the festival organizer regarding their participation, so they can be properly assessed.

  • Award for Original Soundtrack..
  • Award for Valencian short film. . The production must be Valencian.
  • Films On The Road award..
  • Award for experimental short film.These films must be sent in single-channel format and maintain a coherent connection between image and sound (audio-visualization).

The value of the prizes is subject to tax retentions which are established by law.

The festival reserves the right to leave some prize spots unfilled.


Best short film €1,000

Audience award €500

Best animated short award €400

Special jury award €300

Best experimental short award €200

Entropía award for creativity and innovation (courses of applied creativity and imagination valued at €500)

Escuela Mastermind award (training valued at €400)

Films On The Road award (distribution valued at €300

Musimatge award for Best Original Soundtrack (free subscription to the association for one year)

Red Cross award for raising awareness of human rights (valued at an online course)


Public Award for Best Valencian Short

Tirant Avant Award for Best Valencian Short

Tirant Avant Award for Best Short in Valencian


The official selection will be notified individually via email to each of those shortlisted. The final schedule of the festival will be sent to all participants.

A copy of the projection should be submitted before 15th April upon receiving the official festival participation email. These copies should meet the following technical requirements: MP4 image H264 codec, Full HD surround sound, 320 kbPs sound, and where necessary integrated subtitles in Castilian Spanish.

The official program of the festival will be available at the end of March 2019.

The names of the jury members will be published on the festival website and Facebook page, and said members will be renowned figures in the world of audio-visual and culture in Valencia.

The decision of the jury is not subject to appeal. The prize winners should collect their prizes on the day of the prize-giving ceremony; if they are unable to attend, someone should be sent to collect the prize on their behalf, accompanied by a short thank you video of the prize winner.

The winning films will be projected after the award ceremony ceremony.

A selection of the winning films will be projected in the opening ceremony the following year. In addition, during the year of the festival a selection of the winning films will be shown in the ABC cinemas in Valencia.


Registration: Until 24th February 2019

Opening ceremony: Friday 3rd May

Official Section: Every Sunday and Monday in May

Special Valencian shorts: 10th and 11th May

Human rights shorts: 19th May

Award ceremony: Friday 31st May


Participating in the competition implies the full and complete acceptance of the above-mentioned rules.

The producers and directions authorise the use of snippets of their films and/or stills for promotional purposes.

All participants state that they possess the copyright to any music used in their films.

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